U.S. Gypsum Company

12 Oct

United States Gypsum Company was incorporated on December 27, 1901, and is a subsidiary of USG Corporation. The company was formed by consolidating 30 various gypsum and plaster companies. This resulted in forming the first nationwide gypsum company in the United States.

For more than a century, Chicago-based USG has been a leader in producing innovative products and systems to build the environments in which we live, work and play.  As the inventor of wallboard and mineral wool ceiling tile, USG helped create North America’s building materials industry.  USG products are used in everything from major commercial developments and residential housing to simple home improvements.  Their flagship brands include SHEETROCK® Brand gypsum panels and DUROCK® cement board, which are recognized around the world.

Gypsum Mine

Gypsum Mine

The company is the largest distributor of wallboard in the United States and the largest manufacturer of gypsum products in North America. The company produces the popular SHEETROCK gypsum wallboard as well as the FIBEROCK Brand Panels and SECUROCK Brand Roof Board. In 2008, the company had net sales of $4.416 billion. The company operates 21 gypsum board plants in the United States and has 14 gypsum mines and quarries in the United States, Canada and Mexico. To transport gypsum rock from various quarries, the company actually owns and operates a fleet of oceangoing cargo ships based in Bermuda.

In 1999, a record 25 USG plants exceeded 1,000,000 safe hours, and 39 plants worked 1,000 days without a lost workday. In the 75-year history of the safety sentinel program, USG has been awarded the MSHA‘s “Sentinels of Safety” award 15 times – more than any other company. The company also operates seven paper mills that produce high-grade wallboard paper from 100% recycled paper.

USG, through its subsidiary L&W Supply Corporation, is also the nation’s largest distributor of drywall and related building products.  L&W serves the professional contractor through a network of more than 150 locations and strives to be their preferred source for all quality products and services they need to complete their projects on time and on budget.

In its October 2004 issue, Chicago magazine named USG as one of the 25 best companies to work for in the Chicago metropolitan area.

In 2006, Fortune magazine ranked USG #1 in the most admired companies in the building materials, glass industry with an overall score of 7.25.


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